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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Wish...This is not the Baby update...

I have shared about my desire to learn more and expand in my knowledge of sewing, other art forms, and floral design.

This is what I wish...I wish that I somehow had an endless supply of flowers and floral supplies so I could make amazing God filled arrangements for nursing homes, and people in the hospital who don't have anyone. There is power in the things of the Lord and flowers are His and only His...they are here to show us one thing and one thing alone...God's power, beauty, and His love. I guess that was three things, but the one thing would be...GOD.

I love working with flowers and being able to see the wonderful joy they bring to other people when they recieve a boquet...a special one. An arrangement not just thrown together by another florist trying to make a buck, but one filled with passion and love. Something special not just a dozen roses and babies breath...same old, same old...there are tons more flowers out there not to say that roses are bad...I love them, but I also love Irises, Cosmos, Sun Flowers, Freesia, Snap Dragons, etc...

Okay...I am close to tears writting this and listening to my music list so...I will close.


Oh, praise the one who paid my debts
And raised this life up from the dead!

Loves. LExie.

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