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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I really want to do..and I need to pursue...

It seems that we all have those things that we REALLY want to do, but for some unknown reason we never think we have the time to pursue instead of setting aside the time or giving something else up for it we just forget it. Well, no more...we must pursue those things that will build us up and grow us into usually the people God intended us to be.

For example...

I have a burning desire inside for floral design...I have taken two years in High School and have graduated from the Floral Design Institute in Portland as a certified florist. I want want want to learn more and to do something with it! I long to do some kind of contemporary design and if I could use it in a ministry somehow that would be super rad!!! I absolutely love doing flowers for my friends weddings as their wedding gift not only because I know I will be saving them tons of money if they don't have to pay a flower shop, but because I LOVE it. It brings me joy and I feel like I can worship God our creator while I am creating the arrangements. He has made me good with flowers and design.

I also long to go to school for art...I want to learn to paint, draw, do photography, and become better in my sewing knowledge which I must say is rather limited. These are passions and desires put in my heart by the Lord...I know it, or else they would not keep coming back at the most random moments in my life.

Hey there Daddy, it's me LExie and you know the desires of my heart and I first of all ask that my desires would only be desires that come from you and are yours. If they are just mine and a tangent please take them away or reveal them for what they are. Help me to be patient in waiting until your timing is right for these things and may I be fully content with where you have me right now. I love you and long for your will to be done...thank you for making me so wonderfully complex. In your beautiful sons name my savior Jesus Christ...amen.

If you have strong desires that are of the Lord...pray for them and let Him guide you. Don't run ahead of might miss the turn you need to take. Don't settle for second best...what you can get, wait for Him and you will be so blessed. Oh, I wish this was easier done than said, but it's worth the hard work...I know. Three years of massive depression for His glory to be shown through my story and these funkily amazing dollz that He has me make. DadzDesign His business and my testimony of His work in my life.

He loves you.

Loves. Lexie.

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  1. I love you Alexis. God is so pleased with honesty straight from the heart. He DID give you those passions and desires...and HE will bring them to fruition. I KNOW IT.

    You have to know, you make me so heart is so blessed by you and all that you are.